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Breeders of high caliber German Wirehaired Pointers

Welcome to Ghost Point Wirehairs!


         We are a small family owned kennel focused on producing exceptional gundogs for the field, water, and home.  We are dedicated wild bird hunters and also participate in NAVHDA, AKC testing, NSTRA field trials, and OFA health testing.  Our dogs are hunted extensively across the country and are tested for natural ability and advanced hunting aptitude to ensure our breeding program provides our customers with puppies that will perform.  Whether your passion is wild birds, field trials, or hunt tests, a true versatile dog can excel in any area and we feel a well bred German Wirehaired Pointer is the epitome of a truly versatile dog.

      Along with performance in the field, our pups must be healthy, loving members of your family as well.  Your new pup will be well socialized and provided with many opportunities to learn and discover its new world.  We also provide our dams and puppies with top notch nutrition and natural supplements to ensure they are able to reach their full potential.

       Check out our Puppies page for more information on upcoming litters. 


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