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Started Dogs

"Talley"- Ghost Point's Talley Ho



Talley is a very nice female that just turned 2 a couple weeks ago. She is "here" trained, kennel trained, gun conditioned, and collar conditioned. She is a high drive dog with a fantastic search and medium range. She has a natural point but needs some work to be consistently steady. Her retrieve is phenomenal and is completely natural on land or water. Well built and sturdy with a good harsh coat. She has already hunted wild birds in Montana and Kansas. She is an absolute sweetheart and is great with other dogs and kids. Even though she has a big motor, she is also very biddable and eager to please which is a great combination.  I feel confident she could do anything a handler asked of her including hunt tests, field trials, hunting(of course), scent work, or whatever you are into. Her pedigree is first class being from Thunderhill Kennel lines. She will only be considered for hunting, testing, or trialing homes. Contact Eric Forrester 317-446-7895 for information.  





We have decided to sell this very good looking 13 week old male who was our pick of the litter from the last Twigg x Baker breeding. You can see details about this litter on our puppy page. He has a great personality, is bold and confident with a great coat. He was my favorite pup from this litter and if we didn't have so many other puppy prospects coming soon, he would definitely be staying with us. This is a great opportunity for someone to get a high quality prospect. We will only consider hunting, testing, or trialing homes. Price is $2500. Contact Eric Forrester for more info. 317-446-7895

Ghost Point's Jet Stream - "Jetta"

Nicely started 10-month-old female GWP. She is here trained, kennel trained, gun conditioned, and e-collar conditioned.  She has a natural point, honor, and retrieve. She has serious ground speed but a medium to close range which is perfect for the foot hunter. She has a sweet personality and responds easily to training.  Good with other dogs and children. Top notch pedigree with parents out of Three Devils and Thunderhill lines. See below for pics, pedigrees, and video.

Contact Eric Forrester for more information.


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